A 2014 Revolution

This year, as many start their resolutions to become better people, I have some goals for Christians, including myself. My goal is not to improve the world or to better our persons in a physical sense, though those are good goals, but I want to set my eyes towards Heaven, towards eternity.

My goal is to stop preaching a gospel of morality, for a morality without Christ does no good. Only by the Gospel of Christ can we save people for eternity. Stopping gay marriage, or creating a law against abortion does not provide salvation. May we love others in their sin, so that we might show them true hope, a hope in Christ.

My goal is to learn about Christ on every page of the Bible. The Old Testament was not a series of stories that show us how to overcome, but a story pointed to Christ from the beginning, and a story that ends in victory already achieved in Revelation. Our hope is not in a God who might win for us in our battle for America, but a God who has already won, through the death of Christ.

Our victory is not in legislation for morality, and our victory is not in conquering Islam through American forces. Our hope lies in Christ, and in Christ alone. We don’t conquer by violence, we share in suffering (2 Tim 2:3).