My Take On Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the new web browser that has changed the way I browse. There’s lots of things I like about it, and lots of bugs that I wish would get fixed.

They’ve really cleaned up the screen space in the program. They combined the title bar with the tabs, which is a real plus. They removed the status bar, which was a bit annoying at first as I like to see what link I’m clicking on, but it turns out the status area pops up when you hover over a link.

I also like that search and the url bar are one bar. It comes in handy when you don’t exactly know if you’re looking for a .org, .net, or .com. It’s pretty hard to go back to Firefox when I get used to Chrome though.

I really miss the “/” to search. In Firefox, you could use “/”, and you would press enter to follow the link. In Chrome, the user must press Ctrl-F, and the enter key goes to the next search result. To follow the link, I either have to click it with the mouse (annoying), or press escape to exit search, and enter.

I don’t quite understand the tab-unresponsive dialog. When the tab stops working correctly, it says I can close it or wait, but the only button on the dialog is “Wait”.

While there are other various bugs, it’s a pretty good program so far. I’ve really been a big fan of Firefox from the beginning, but sometimes it takes a whole new program to create new ideas. I hope to see even more improvements to Chrome, and maybe Firefox will join some of the ideas to create a more stable browser for Linux.