Custom Glass Product Pricing

I recently had the hinge on my bathroom door break from the age, and probably a little bit of rot from mold from poor cleaning. I bought the house in 2009, and the area around the door from was dirty when I bought it. Considering that the door was probably 40 years old, I decided just to replace the whole thing, rather than just fix the hinge.

I assumed that I could find a decent price at Lowes Home Improvement Store here in Lubbock, and might even be able to help. The doors that they had in stock were all 24 inches and greater, but my door was only 23 inches, so I proceeded to ask someone for help. The gentleman who helped me was friendly, but required me to pay $35 to have someone come out and survey the area. Come to find out, this was simply to have someone spend 5 minutes to measure the doorway. They called back to tell me that they could order the door from a company in Arizona, it was going to cost me almost $600 (which was Brush Nickel, so probably a little over $500 if I would have gone with Chrome). Most of the cost was shipping. Installation would have been an additional $135. So, I would have spent between $700 and $800 to have the door installed.

I then had a Lubbock glass company give me a quote, which was $350, including installation. The actual cost was only $320 with taxes. They did it within a weeks time, did a great job, and saved me half the cost.

So, the moral of the story, the big companies aren’t always cheaper. If you think it’s too expensive, it probably is, so shop around.