Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been an issue for a few years now, and the FCC is about to make a final decision. I agree a lot with what Senator Al Franken has to say on the topic. An article on arstechnica explains it pretty well.

I however, do not agree with the letter from the republicans opposing net neutrality. They say that, “[the rules] will┬álikely reduce the potential for innovation and investment in broadband network.” So, putting rules in place to prevent traffic segregation is going to be bad for innovation. If Verizon were to block Hulu and Netflix, and only allow customers to use their video service, that would help innovation? That’s not what I call “innovation.”

I believe that the internet should remain open and free. Blocking out competition, or making that competition seem slow and unresponsive, will create monopolies and stifle innovation, not create innovation.

If I pay for 10 Mb/s, and you want to give me 20 Mb/s to your own video service for free, then that would be fine, but it is unacceptable to cut down competitive products.

I am joining with others in calling for true net neutrality.