Taking Down

Unfortunately at this time, I’ve decided to take down the Christian Devotional Lyrics site. It’s been a useful tool, but I discovered a security flaw, and have been uncomfortable with the legal risks involved.

Most of the newer songs that were listed can be found with sheet music in Praise Hymnal (Taylor Publications).

If you know of alternative resources, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for your understanding.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T since Monday, and so far, while I like some things more than the iPhone 4S, there are a few simple changes I wish that I could change.


I have been a fan of Google more than Microsoft or Apple. I’ve loved GMail since I started using it, I like Picasa (though not perfect, it’s free). They have a big footprint in the open-source world, and so I love the integration that an Android has with Google products. I’m using Google Voice for my voicemail, which provides some really cool features, such as speech-to-text, which lets me get the gist without having to listen to it. It’s not 100% accurate, not even 75% accurate sometimes, but I can usually figure out what it’s about. I use Chrome everywhere, and the ability to set the default applications (for everything, not just web browser) is a plus that Apple doesn’t allow. I’ve been using Google Play Music to manage my collection, and I’m definitely a fan (but I wish they would do better at detecting duplicate uploads).

It seems to have a good camera on it, so that’s a plus. I haven’t had much need for it, but I’m sure it will work really well for my needs. The weather built-in weather widget/app looks great, and is functional.


The biggest problem I have with this phone is lock screen notifications. Samsung did a horrible job at designing the lock screen. They either need to allow the notification tray drop-down while locked, or show notifications from all my apps, not just Samsung. I want to use Hangouts for messages, but they don’t show up on my lock screen like Samsung’s messages application does. Emails don’t show up at all. My other option is to just take off the lock, and use the notification tray to view my messages/emails. I could root the phone, and put Google’s lock screen back on, but sounds like a risk I don’t want to take with a new $800 phone.


The battery doesn’t last as long as I’d like, but I’m also pulling it out more often because it’s my new toy. Maybe it won’t be bad when it’s not so new.


This is a good phone, but the lock screen is lacking majorly. Samsung, remove or improve TouchWiz, and I’ll bump this to 5/5.

Rating: 4/5 (due to lock screen)

Fix (Added 10:32 PM)

After posting, I’ve found a fix. While it’s not pretty or intuitive, it will work for me. Install NiLS Notification Lock Screen, and NiLS Floating Panel.


Spicy Chicken Burrito

What is about to be revealed is a secret combination of ingredients that will allow you to create a burrito in under 3 minutes. It has only been revealed to a select few, and I am about to reveal it to you.


To create the burrito, follow these steps:

  1. Place the tortilla on something that is safe for the Microwave.
  2. Put cheese on the tortilla in about 1″ from edges and in between.
  3. Place half of the chicken in the container in a straight line on the tortilla.
  4. (Optional) Put a little more cheese on top of the chicken.
  5. Place the tortilla in the Microwave for about 30-60 seconds, until most of the cheese is melted.
  6. Remove from the Microwave.
  7. Add ranch dressing.
  8. Eat and enjoy.

Wedding Website

I’m getting married in August, which has been a very exciting decision for Beth and me! We started off as friends, but the relationship has really come to mean so much more.

If you’d like to see the story and our information, go to I created a whole new WordPress theme. This was really my first time to dive in, and I’ve always found it difficult to figure it out just by looking on alone. I did a lot of copying and pasting from the The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial  by Ian Stewart. It may be a few years old, but it still seems to be valid.


Custom Glass Product Pricing

I recently had the hinge on my bathroom door break from the age, and probably a little bit of rot from mold from poor cleaning. I bought the house in 2009, and the area around the door from was dirty when I bought it. Considering that the door was probably 40 years old, I decided just to replace the whole thing, rather than just fix the hinge.

I assumed that I could find a decent price at Lowes Home Improvement Store here in Lubbock, and might even be able to help. The doors that they had in stock were all 24 inches and greater, but my door was only 23 inches, so I proceeded to ask someone for help. The gentleman who helped me was friendly, but required me to pay $35 to have someone come out and survey the area. Come to find out, this was simply to have someone spend 5 minutes to measure the doorway. They called back to tell me that they could order the door from a company in Arizona, it was going to cost me almost $600 (which was Brush Nickel, so probably a little over $500 if I would have gone with Chrome). Most of the cost was shipping. Installation would have been an additional $135. So, I would have spent between $700 and $800 to have the door installed.

I then had a Lubbock glass company give me a quote, which was $350, including installation. The actual cost was only $320 with taxes. They did it within a weeks time, did a great job, and saved me half the cost.

So, the moral of the story, the big companies aren’t always cheaper. If you think it’s too expensive, it probably is, so shop around.


Business Idea

A lot of churches have either moved or are moving to using overhead slides, but a lot of them don’t know a lot about the hardware and software available to them. I think by advising these churches on a good solution, I could know the right solution to save them money, and get a portion of the money that was saved by the congregation for my service.

This idea stems from a website I did for a guy that advised people on a another issue, but it’s consulting work, which is this idea.

Maybe I won’t have to charge a lot if I have another full time job, and just charge enough to cover costs, but if I decided to try and use this as an income, I don’t see any immediate problems with it. I might could even build some of the hardware, and become a wholesaler to make the product even cheaper while retaining more of the profit. Both sides would benefit.


Why Foreign Jobs Aren’t a Bad Thing

I know a lot of Americans who absolutely hate the idea of our products coming from other countries. They whine and complain, saying, “they’re stealing our jobs,” or they state that in fact, the workers are underpaid and oppressed in their jobs because it is a 3rd world country.

In fact, when our factory jobs go overseas, it’s a good thing. Not only do we stimulate the economy of the countries, and add wealth to the country, we get a good product as well, at a lower price. They are happy to have a steady income, that probably pays more than they would get without the factory, and our pocketbooks are better off because the wages of paying their employees are lower.

Does it take away American jobs? In a way. Do we as Americans want to work for $5.15/hour (actually more now that minimum wage is going up)? Do we want mundane factory jobs? No, most of us do not. Our nation is moving away from the low, hourly rate jobs, and into the educated, high salary jobs. There are plenty of jobs for the uneducated, and even though it hurts when 1,000 people lose their job to a factory relocation, without change, our economy will never grow.

It’s important to remain informed on the major issues. A lot of times, politicians will tell us what we want to hear, but it’s  not always what’s best for us in the long run. So, before you complain about the economy, make sure you know the facts.



Sometimes it’s so hard to find the want to do certain things. It seems like I’m most productive at the things that should not be at the top of my priority list. When I had a lot to get done for my job, I wanted to work on ExpoSong more, and now that I don’t have a lot to do for my job, I play BZFlag all the time.

This past week, I took a test in microeconomics, and I made a 100 on the test. I was the only person in the class who got that high of a grade; I didn’t study a lick. It may seem awesome, but my life is full of this, and so I tend to be lazy because I never have to work to make good grades. It’s just an excuse, because I could work hard if I wanted to, but I never found the value in study because the grades came so easy. I’m not saying all my grades have been great, but I would say I average around 80 for all my tests, and a majority I don’t even crack a book after school.

I guess a good thing is that I’ve overplayed BZFlag, and I’m getting to the point to where I may just stop altogether for a couple of months. It’s like an addiction except the fact that the best way to quit is just to go cold turkey—No withdrawal  symptoms.


HowTo: Hosse

Hosse is sometimes called Double Euchre, because of it’s similarity to the game. It’s also similar to the game of spades.

Deck: The game uses a pinochle deck, which consists of 2 of each suit of the cards: 9, 10, J, Q, K, and Ace. The highest card is the Ace, except for the trump suit. The bidder picks the trump suit, and the jack of the trump suit is right bower, while the jack of the different suit, but the same color is the left bower, which are the two highest cards, followed by the Ace. For example, if the hearts is chosen as the trump suit, then the highest cards would be as follows: J♥, J♦, A♥, K♥, Q♥, 10♥, 9♥ (Two of each card).

Dealing: After shuffling, the person to the right of the dealer cuts the deck. Dealing then follows the rules of spades, except that the deck consists of only 48 cards (12 cards per player).

Bidding: Hosse is played with partners, like as is in spades. But, unlike spades, the highest bidder is the only one that counts. The minimum bid is a 6. Bidding starts to the person who was dealt the first card (to the left of the dealer). If no one else bids, the dealer must bid six. A trump can be selected, or there is also an option for no trump. No suit is generally harder.

Hosse is also another type of bid. You must play without your partner, and take all tricks to win.

Scoring: The bidding team must take as many suits as they bid, or they get deducted that many points. The team that did not bid gets the number of tricks they take as points as well, so if you bid 6 and take 6, both teams get 6 points. A hosse bid is worth 25 points.

Total points need to be 62 or more to win the whole match.

Other: There’s a lot to the game. I may cover more in detail later about giving and reading hints from your partner.

The only people I’ve found that know about the game are in my family, but I think it may have originated in Ohio.

I hope these instructions are detailed enough to understand.

(Other common spellings may be Hausse, Haussey, or Hossey, and may be the same game as Double Hassenpfeffer)