Sometimes it’s so hard to find the want to do certain things. It seems like I’m most productive at the things that should not be at the top of my priority list. When I had a lot to get done for my job, I wanted to work on ExpoSong more, and now that I don’t have a lot to do for my job, I play BZFlag all the time.

This past week, I took a test in microeconomics, and I made a 100 on the test. I was the only person in the class who got that high of a grade; I didn’t study a lick. It may seem awesome, but my life is full of this, and so I tend to be lazy because I never have to work to make good grades. It’s just an excuse, because I could work hard if I wanted to, but I never found the value in study because the grades came so easy. I’m not saying all my grades have been great, but I would say I average around 80 for all my tests, and a majority I don’t even crack a book after school.

I guess a good thing is that I’ve overplayed BZFlag, and I’m getting to the point to where I may just stop altogether for a couple of months. It’s like an addiction except the fact that the best way to quit is just to go cold turkey—No withdrawal  symptoms.