MySQL Searching

I’ve found that MySQL’s searching implementations don’t quite work for a smaller database. When I try to use fulltext searching on, it removes “Wolverine” because 55 of the 85 products in our database are Wolverine. So I think I’m going to have to come up with a custom search.

I’ve searched and searched, and when on a shared server (I don’t think sphinx will do it) there’s really not a lot that I found that’s very helpful. I’m probably going to have to use indexing, instead of trying to use fancy SQL queries. It’s probably going to take around three days of coding, scrapping, and more coding, until I come up with something that is both fast and effective. It probably would have helped had I stuck with a computer science major.

I think I can finish the majority of my tasks on the site within a couple of days, or at least the ones I intend to do before it goes live. If I ever get done, I’m not going to know what to do with myself. Staying busy has the upside of cutting boredom, but it also has a way of getting in the way of homework (not that I do it anyways). I may be spending a lot of time on my Wii.

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I can keep you busy through the holidays! Can’t wait until you guys get home.
I’m glad you are so good at this and we really appreciate your work on the website.

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